9 Types of Husband Dreams and their Symbolic Meaning

In most cases, dreams involving a husband are probably telling you something about your relationship with your husband or your (unconscious) feelings about him.

However, because the “husband” symbol (just like the “wife” symbol) is very common in dreams and can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on your personal circumstances.

In dreams, the husband can also represent your relationship with your own sexuality, your sexual and emotional desires and pleasures, how you feel about intimacy in your body, mind, and spirit, the habits you learned from your father, and more.

As with all dreams, the context of the dream is of great importance for interpretation.

The dream husband symbolizes the state of your marriage

If the husband in your dreams is your own, then the most likely explanation is that the dream is a reflection of how healthy (or not) you think your relationship is.

For example, to dream that your husband is loving suggests there’s great happiness in the household, which is doubly true if your dream contains happy children playing about.

If you are physically intimate with your husband in your dream, this can be a wonderful indicator of how you are feeling about your sexual and emotional relationship with him.

On the other hand, if you dream that you’re cold or upset towards your husband, it suggests that there’s conflict in the household or that there are dark clouds ahead for your marriage.

The dream husband represents the masculine side of yourself

The husband in your dream may symbolize your animus, that is, the masculine side of your nature. The father is another common dream representation of a woman’s masculine side.

Dreams about your husband may refer to an aspect of your personality that you see reflected in your partner.

A slightly different interpretation is that if a woman dreams about her husband, then this dream is connected to the masculine, energetic aspects of her nature, and what the husband does in the dream is what the woman might want to do in real life.

Dreaming about another woman’s husband

To be in love with another woman’s husband in your dreams suggests you are not happily married to your own. This could be a sign your subconscious may desire a relationship outside your current one.

If you are unmarried or single, it could mean that you are not happily single or that you believe the chances of finding a husband are slim.

If you are unmarried but are currently dating or in a relationship with someone, then this dream could have two opposite meanings:

First, is that you are not taking your relationship seriously and still have the wandering eye. The second interpretation is that your relationship seems promising, and the dream husband represents your hope for the relationship in the future.

Dream husband represents feelings towards your father

The way a woman sees herself is often shaped by her relationship with her father, and this could affect her romantic relationships in the future.

This is important because a woman’s feelings about her own sexuality and intimacy of body, mind, and spirit can directly impact the health of a relationship or marriage.

In the dream, does your husband resemble your father in some way?

Are the feelings you have for your dream husband similar to the emotions you have towards your father in real life?

If yes, the dream suggests you are projecting your (image of) father onto your husband, and this in turn likely means you need to free yourself from the strong influence of the father on your own person and choices.

If these emotions and fears are not properly expressed and acknowledged, they will continue to manifest in dreams and impact her real life relationships.

Dream husband leaving you suggests a marriage conflict

If a woman’s husband seems to leave her in the dream, it is a sign that marital conflicts are brewing.

 If the husband returns, however, then there might be some unusual circumstances where there will be a reconciliation and a happy outcome.

Unmarried woman dreaming of a husband

If an unmarried woman dreams she has a husband, then the dream suggests she wants to obtain the approval and graces of the men she admires most.

A different interpretation of husband dreams is that a woman is not yet ready to get involved in relationships that tie her down in any way, let alone tying herself to marriage.

Dream of divorcing your husband

Dreams that involve divorce or separation from your partner in some way may be an expression of anger toward your current partner.

Such dreams may also represent some kind of emotional breakdown or lack of communication in the relationship.

If, in the dream, it is your husband who demands a divorce, you may feel worried about the strength and resilience of your marriage.

On the other hand, it’s possible your subconscious is traumatizing you with this dream as a reminder that you are lucky to be married to your husband and as a warning not to take him for granted.

Finally, if you are the one who demands a divorce from your husband, then analyze the dream and see if there are reasons why you might want to end the marriage.

Dreaming that the husband is dead, sick, or missing

If your husband goes missing in your dream, your unconscious may be referring to the well-known statistic that most men die before women.

If your husband is dead both in dream and waking life, then the most plausible interpretation is the dream is connected to all the memories of your late husband.

Some psychologists say that a woman who dreams of being a widow can represent either the fear of losing a husband or a desire to get out of a restrictive marriage. The same meaning can be extended to a man dreaming about being a widower.

If you dream of your husband as pale and or ill, then this suggests you are worried of sickness striking members of your family or even yourself.

On the contrary, if your husband is cheerful and handsome in the dream, then this suggests you feel your home is happy or that any success your husband will have will be yours as well.

Husband in love with another woman or mistress

If a woman dreams that she is jealous of her husband, it suggests the relationship is experiencing a period of turbulence caused by a careless act.

Similarly, if a woman dreams of catching her husband with another woman, then this suggests either distrust of her husband or (if she is unmarried) that her friends or lovers cannot be trusted.

Dreaming your husband or lover has a mistress is often your subconscious trying to warn you about a suspicion in the relationship—a suspicion the rational mind ignores for whatever reason.

However, the mistress in the dream could be a secret desire to play this role yourself in order to seduce your partner again.

Other, less frequent interpretations

The interpretations above are the most common ones for husbands in dreams. However, depending on a person’s circumstances, such as profession, age, the time period in which she lived, etc., there can be other ways to interpret a dream involving a husband:

  • Seeing your husband in a mirror suggests there are aspects of your life that can cause you anxiety.
  • If a woman dreams of losing her wedding ring suggests she has little love for her husband. If she finds it again, the love is not completely dead.
  • Dreaming that your husband is a criminal indicates you feel ignored, or that he is engaging in risky behavior that can affect both of you.
  • If the dream husband accuses you of infidelity then it might be a sign from your subconscious that he is jealous in real life or that you should be more discrete when flirting with men.


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