Being Shot (& Shooting Guns) in Dreams: 12 Symbolic Meanings

Dreams where you or someone else is getting shot, or if you yourself is the person shooting someone, can be complicated to decipher and understand their symbolic meaning.

The reason is that there are a lot of elements in such a dream that you have to take into account, which can lead to numerous combinations of unique dreams, each with it’s own distinct meaning.

  • Dreams where you’ve been shot, but survived.
  • Dreams where you’ve been shot in a certain body part (back, head, stomach, face, legs, chest etc.)
  • Dreams where someone else has been shot.
  • Dream where someone’s trying to shoot you, but the bullets miss you.
  • Dreams where you are trying to shoot someone else.
  • Dreams with many gunshots, but nobody is actually around.

Once you know the significance of each element in a gunshot dream, then interpreting your dream becomes very easy and straightforward.

Symbolic significance of gunshots in dreams

Shooting someone or being shot yourself is a fearful and violent dream experience. It may reflect aggression, powerlessness, release of strong and dangerous emotions, and/or symbolize a conclusive event in a particular situation or relationship.

Gunshot symbolism in men’s dreams

Dreams involving guns, pistols, or rifles in a man’s dream can symbolize male sexuality and emotional defense mechanisms.

The unconscious mind may use these weapons to represent a man’s sexual performance, and if he shoots blank bullets in the dream, it could suggest concerns about his virility.

Additionally, shooting in a dream can represent anger, aggression, and aggressive male sexuality.

In a man’s dream, victimization or aggression can still be present, but these themes will likely have more to do with everyday matters and his place in the world. Being shot in a man’s dream can indicate conflict, which may be territorial in nature.

Gunshot symbolism in women’s dreams

If a woman dreams of a gun, it could suggest that she desires to be more assertive sexually. However, if she is the one shooting the gun in the dream, it may indicate that she is behaving aggressively in her waking life.

In a woman’s dream, being shot or shot at could symbolize the sexual act, including the idea of penetration. This may lead her to explore her own feelings, particularly whether she feels targeted or victimized.

If a woman is the one firing the gun in the dream, she may be more aware of the masculine and aggressive side of her personality.

On the other hand, if she is being shot at in the dream, she may feel threatened by overt signs of aggression or sexuality.

Gunshots can represent certain emotions

If you dream about being shot by a gun, it could suggest that you are feeling wounded or targeted by criticism or hurtful comments in your waking life. However, if you are the one shooting the gun in your dream, it may indicate anxiety about expressing emotions or harboring hidden hostility.

Additionally, if you dream about firing a gun, it could suggest that you are aware of the need to be cautious about speaking the truth, especially in delicate situations where your words could lead to embarrassment.

If you see a shell that has been fired from a gun in your dream, it could indicate that your love affairs have burned out. However, if the shell has yet to be fired, it could suggest that you will experience interesting romantic developments in the future.

Gunfire is often associated with execution, warfare, and crime. A single gunshot in a dream, like the start of a race, may reflect the pressure you feel when working on a project that has a fast-approaching deadline.

Gunshots in dream can be a warning

If you dream about simply hearing or seeing a gunshot, it could suggest that you are at risk of exposing yourself to a scandal in real life. It may be wise to exercise more discretion.

On the other hand, if a bullet is being fired at you in your dream, it may be interpreted as a warning of danger. However, if you are the one firing the bullet, it could indicate that you have become aware of your own vulnerability and possible lack of control.

Gunshots can be a symbol of success in life

From a spiritual perspective, a bullet in a dream represents taking swift and decisive action to achieve a specific goal. This symbol is powerful as it teaches us to use our energy more effectively.

If you dream about shooting a gun or playing a game of pool where you need to shoot and hit a target or pocket a ball, it could indicate success in your waking life endeavors if you are able to hit your target or pocket the ball.

Shooting is a common theme in our entertainment media, so dreaming about shooting may simply be a reflection of something we have seen in a movie or on TV.

Dream where someone shoots you, but you survive

Dreams of being shot may be a manifestation of internalized aggression, past emotional traumas, or a fear of being emotionally or physically harmed.

In some cases, being shot in a dream could indicate that you have done something to upset those around you or that you feel like you are a victim of circumstances.

Women who dream of being attacked may be expressing sexual insecurity or a fear of men.

If someone points or shoots a gun at you in a dream, it could mean that you will become the target of criticism or disapproval, or that someone will attempt to replace you or get you dismissed from your position.

Dream where someone shoots you, and you die

Being shot in a dream may be a warning that someone has negative feelings towards you in real life, and that you should be mindful of this. If the gunshot in the dream results in death, it could suggest that someone is making your life difficult and unbearable in real life.

Dreaming of being murdered or attacked by gunshot may represent a certain person in your life who is making unreasonable demands on you.

Dying from a gunshot in a dream could also indicate that you may face unexpected hostility from friends in waking life.

However, if you manage to wake up and avoid dying, it may signify that you will eventually reconcile with them.

Dreaming you’re shot in the back, head, face, neck, legs and more

Shot in the stomach

Dreams that feature the stomach area are often linked to repressed emotions as this organ is considered the center of emotions.

Being injured or shot in the stomach in a dream suggests emotional pain. Such dreams may also indicate an inability to accept or tolerate something in your life.

For women, it could indicate a desire for motherhood. From a psychological perspective, the appearance of the stomach in dreams may represent an issue in real life that you are finding difficult to process or digest.

Accordingly, a dream where a person shoots you in the stomach suggests the person has hurt your emotions in real life. If the shooter’s identity is unknown, then the dream could refer to a particular situation that hurt your emotions (such as work, family event etc.)

Another interpretation that applies only in some cases is that a woman is concerned about her ability to have children. The shooter in this case can be an illness. It might even be her doctor, if he gives the woman bad news regarding her fertility.

Shot in the head

In dreams and general symbolism the head represents intelligence, rational thinking, and personal achievements.

The symbolism of the head as a representation of decision-making and thoughts is quite clear, given the numerous idioms related to it.

For instance, when we say someone has “lost their head” or “lost face,” we understand the true meaning. Therefore, dreams of headless or faceless bodies can suggest feelings of shame or a lack of identity.

Being shot in the head thus represents you losing touch with your sense of reason, intellect and rationality.

The dream gains even more meaning if you know who actually fired the gun. Was it a person you’re romantically interested in, or maybe your boss? If yes, then one way to interpret it is that particular person is making you lose your mind.

Shot in the back

Dreams about your back may symbolize the parts of yourself that are not visible to others, including hidden secrets or aspects of your personality that you don’t want to acknowledge. This dream could also suggest that you are leaving something behind or that a situation has ended.

Thus, this dream could suggest that someone is trying to claw away at your secrets or private life.

It could also mean that a person you left behind in life or forgot about is coming back to hurt you.

Finally, if the shooter is someone dear to you, it could mean you subconsciously don’t trust them and are afraid they might betray you.

Shot in the neck

If you see a neck in your dream, it could mean that you need to control your emotions and be cautious. The phrase “don’t stick your neck out” is a common warning against taking unnecessary risks. If the neck is injured, it may indicate a disconnect between your emotional side (the heart) and rational one (the head).

Similarly, if you see your throat in your dream, it could represent your ability to communicate effectively and express your ideas. An injured throat may suggest difficulties in expressing yourself.

In this situation being shot in the neck or throat could mean that somebody has taken away your ability to communicate and express yourself. In essence, you feel you’ve been silenced in real life and that your opinion doesn’t matter.

A different interpretation is that the connection between your head and heart is severed, and are currently in a chaotic internal state.

Shot in the legs

When you dream about your legs, it could indicate that you have developed enough self-confidence to stand up and defend yourself and what you believe in. However, if your legs appear weak in the dream, you might be feeling emotionally fragile.

When your legs are injured or disabled, this represents your inability to stand up for yourself, which may be due to a lack of courage and determination to take a stance in real life.

Thus, if someone has shot your legs this could mean they have taken away your self-confidence or your ability to go to places, to move in life.

Shot in the chest or heart

Dreams often use the heart as a symbol for emotions, compassion, and passions, and of course romantic love. It can also represent regret for not following your heart or experiencing a change of heart.

If the heart is wounded, such as being stabbed or shot, it could indicate emotional pain or even a warning of real potential physical heart problems, which may reflect anxiety about one’s health, like high blood pressure.

Shot in the face

To dream about your face could represent the image of yourself that you present to the outside world, which may not necessarily reflect your true identity. This is especially true if you are wearing makeup or a mask in the dream. Such a dream can indicate your desire to be perceived in a certain way.

However, if you dream about your face being injured or shot, it may indicate that you are experiencing intense emotions. It could also signify that your reputation has been attacked in reality.

Being shot in the face could thus represent losing your identity, that the shooter is humiliating or taking it away from you.

Dreaming someone else is shot in front of you

If you dream of someone being shot with a gun, it signifies that you need to move on from a negative phase in your life and start anew.

If someone is shot to death in your dream, it could mean that you have successfully left behind a difficult phase in your life.

Hearing a shot or shooting someone in your dream may suggest that you need to release pent-up energy in a focused manner to achieve a desired outcome or resolve an issue.

Dreaming that you are shooting someone else

Need to protect yourself

In dreams, a gun may be a symbol of protection for things that are important to us.

If we are the ones shooting the gun, it may indicate an aggressive use of our masculine qualities to defend ourselves.

On a more positive note, the gun could simply represent a need for emotional or physical protection.

However, if the gun in the dream is used to harm or kill someone, it may be a reflection of current difficulties, hostile feelings, or serious arguments that we are experiencing within ourselves or with others

You’re shooting aspects of your personality you dislike.

When you use a pistol to shoot someone in your dream, it could indicate that the victim represents parts of your personality that you dislike or refuse to acknowledge.

In this situation, the victim could symbolize certain aspects of yourself that you find difficult to handle. This may indicate that there are inner conflicts that need to be resolved or eliminated.

You are angry at a real person, and punish them in your dreams

If you dream about using a gun against someone, it could be a sign that you are holding onto anger and aggression that you haven’t expressed in real life.

Pay attention to the identity of the victim and their reaction to the threat, as this could give you important clues about the source of your anger. Additionally, consider the target of your attack, as it may reveal what triggered your anger in the first place.

Hitting or shooting someone in a dream is a way for your unconscious mind to express unacknowledged anger. When we feel unable to meet the expectations of others, we may experience guilt and our subconscious may release pent-up frustration through aggressive attacks.

If you are pointing or shooting a gun at someone in your dream, it could indicate feelings of rebellion, betrayal, or hurt. You may be in danger of overreacting or reacting impulsively.

Alternatively, someone in your life may have something you desire, but your efforts to obtain it may be ineffective or counterproductive.

Shooting someone means you must make a choice in life

When you dream about shooting, it may signify that you’re facing a difficult decision where you have to choose between two options. For example, you may have to choose between two lovers, two friends, your passion or your work etc.

 It could also mean that you’re experiencing inner turmoil or conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Shooting someone in a dream means you feel defenseless

If you are attempting to fire a gun but the bullet gets stuck in the barrel, it could indicate a sense of helplessness and vulnerability in an unpleasant circumstance.

You need to end a conflict with someone

If you are the one shooting in the dream, sharing your troubles with someone may help alleviate your anxieties and bring peace of mind. In this dream, the gun could represent aggression, fear, and masculinity, possibly with sexual undertones. The dream may be urging you to express your negative emotions in a healthy way before they build up and become overwhelming.

You are experiencing bottled up anger

In dreams, bullets, cannonballs, bombs, and mines are explosive devices that can detonate or explode on impact. If you dream of firing any of these weapons, it may indicate that you are in danger of losing control and exploding with frustration or anger.

This could be a warning from your unconscious mind that you need to manage your emotions better and avoid reacting impulsively or explosively to situations that may trigger your anger.


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