21 Books About Angels & Demons (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

This article contains two separate lists of books that deal with the topic of angels and demons.

The first list is non-fiction, and within you can find the best, most thoroughly researched books on the subject of angels, demons as well as demonology.

This includes dictionary of angels and demons (both Christian and Non-Christian), as well as books that contain step-by-step descriptions of magic rituals meant to summon, conjure or control both angels and demons.

The second list only has fiction books, primarily fantasy.

They cover a wide variety of plot points: battles of angels vs demons, dramatic retelling of the fall of Lucifer, angel-human love stories, end of the world tales and more.

Non-Fiction books about angels and demons

1.      The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

A comprehensive book that covers the most widely known and important demons, but also important topics in demonology such as exorcism, the Inquisition, summoning rituals etc.

However, all of these concepts are covered in general terms, so if you want more of a guidebook for something very specific (such as complete guides for exorcism or summoning spells), then this isn’t your book.

2.      A Dictionary Of Angels, Including Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson

A compendium of angels, both fallen and still holy, written in an easy-going style. This book also categorizes angels depending on their domain or function.

For example, the angels of the hours of the day, angels of the four seasons, an explanation of the angelic script, angels of the nine celestial orders etc.

3.      The Dictionary of Demons by M. Belanger

This book is similar to The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, except it is massive (around 900 pages vs 350) and is specifically focused around individual demons.

Thus, if you want to know something about a specific demon, no matter how obscure and unknown that demon is, then chances are this book has an entry about it (even if it’s just 2-3 sentences).

4.      Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Culture by Theresa Bane

Very similar to the two dictionary books about demons, except this one also convers demons or demonic creatures that are not part of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

For example, this book also covers Aztec demons, African devils etc.

5.      The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly

This book exclusively covers magic rituals designed to summon or exorcise demons, magic spells, exact rites to honor Satan and much more.

Essentially, this is a guide book that teaches the reader how to practice demonic magic, since it covers everything from how many candles to light, what sigils to draw and how, what time of day to perform the spells etc.

6.      The Key of Solomon (free)

The Key of Solomon is grimoire of magic written during the Renaissance period, and combines religious ceremonies from Christianity and Judaism with Greco-Roman and Arab magic.

This book, alongside the Lesser Key of Solomon, are the bedrock, primary sources for pretty much every single major modern book that discusses demonic rituals, spells or magic.

Modern books do add their own innovations however, since a lot more has been written in this field since the Key of Solomon was first published 400+ years ago.

The best part about both this book, and the Lesser Key of Solomon is that they are in the public domain so are completely free online, because their copyright has expired a long, long time ago.

7.      The Lesser Key of Solomon (free)

The more “hands-on” version of the Key of Solomon. Both of these books describe the process of magic spells and rituals, but the Key of Solomon is more high level and explains the generalities while this book goes more into the nitty gritty as to how to actually cast the spells.

Both are free however, and are a basically required reading if you wish to practice any form of magic.

8.      A Treatise on Angel Magic edited by Adam McLean

This book is a modernized transcript of a medieval manuscript about angelic magic which includes descriptions of 72 important angels, angel conjuration spells, evocation of Nature Spirits and more.  

9.      Dictionary Of Deities And Demons In The Bible by Karel van der Toorn (Editor), Bob Becking (Editor), Pieter W. van der Horst (Editor)

The subject of this book is fairly self-explanatory simply through its title. It is a very comprehensive work and spans close to 1000 pages.

It is however, very expensive and even used editions cost somewhere around $400.

However, you can read this book online for free at library websites such as archive.org, where you can borrow it for free an hour at a time or 14 days.

10.  Man, Myth & Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Mythology

This is a gigantic 21 book series, that spans close to 3000 pages. It covers more than just demons and angels, but those are a big part of this massive Encyclopedia.

If you’re specifically interested in demons and/or angels, then the two most relevant volumes are:

  • Man, Myth & Magic:  Witches and Witchcraft
  • Man, Myth & Magic:  Legendary Creatures and Monsters

11.  The devils and evil spirits of Babylonia by Campbell Thompson

This book covers the demons and evil spirits native to the ancient region of Babylonia (mostly modern day Iraq), but also the wider Middle East area.

Crucially, the demons in this book are from before the appearance of Christianity and Islam, and are in many ways the “original” demons found in those two religions.

Fiction books about angels and demons

1.      Dominion of the Fallen series by Aliette de Bodard 

A world where angels fall into a shattered Paris, and angel bones are used to make an extremely addictive drug for humans and angels alike.

2.      Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman

An angel, Raguel, has to uncover the mystery behind the killing of an angel in God’s own City of Angels.

3.      Angel and Archangel by Garry Kilworth

An angel battling demons becomes corrupted and develops a love for destruction. Two detectives must find a way to stop him.

4.      Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

An angel and demon who have become fond of their comfortable, carefree life on Earth learn Satan’s child has been born and that the Apocalypse has been set in motion. Together, the two embark on a journey to prevent the end of the world and preserve their comfortable lifestyle.

5.      The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith

One of the corners of Hell contains the so-called Library of the Unwritten, a massive collection of books that are left unfinished by their authors.

One day, a hero of from one of these unfinished books escapes, and it is up to Claire, the Head Librarian, and her demonic aides, to capture and bring him back.

6.      This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti

A small town called Ashton becomes the focal point in the battle between Good and Evil, Angels and Demons, and whoever wins this battle will go on to rule the world.

7.      To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust

A dramatic retelling of the rebellion of Lucifer and his angels against God.

8.      Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

A young woman falls in love with her fallen guardian angel.

9.      Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Richard, a young businessman in London, rescues a bloodied and injured girl chased by two seemingly inhuman assassins. The more Richard gets involved, the more the boundary between reality and Heaven and Hell begin to blur.

10.  Humans by Donald E. Westlake

God sends one of his finest Angels to Earth to collect a disparate assortment of human beings and manipulate them into causing the end of the world, but God’s plans go awry when a demon is sent by the Archfiend to save humankind.

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