Anjana: Spanish Folklore Forest Witch That Grants Wealth

The Anjana is a type of witch in Spanish folklore, the name perhaps being derived from Jana or Diana. These witches take on the form of old women to test out the charity of human beings.

The Anjana sometimes appears as an old crones, but in their true form they are beautiful young women, fair haired and blue-eyed, clothed in tunics made of flowers and silver stars. They carry a gold staff and wear green stockings.

They watch over animals and have underground palaces full of jewels and other treasure. The touch of their staff turns everything into riches.

Symbolism of this kind reveals ancestral memories of druidesses; at a deeper level it also signifies the soul renewed by fusion with the “mana personality”.

The staff, a sigmoid symbol, is the emblem of those relationships linking apparently unrelated things. The green stockings allude to the primitive forces of virgin nature. The treasures and riches signify the spiritual powers harbored by the subconscious.


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