Angel Symbol in Dreams: 7 Meanings & Interpretations

Angels as symbols of protection

Many myths and legends depict angels as celestial messengers sent to protect us. 

To dream of an angel is thus a symbol of inspiration, good fortune and mystical protection.

Thus, the advice angels give you in a dream carry great weight and should be frequently taken into account. 

A vision of an angel in your dream may serve as confirmation of your belief, but if you are a non-religious person, you can take comfort in knowing that you are being protected by a spiritual being.

It is also possible that the angel in your dream could represent a person in your life who embodies caring and nurturing qualities. When someone needs help, one may play the role of a godparent or fairy godmother.

Is the angel in your dream a guardian spirit who offers help and protection to you? In that case, interpret it as a favorable omen, or as a sign of something within your (subconscious) mind that can bring you closer toward personal fulfillment and happiness.

Angels as symbols of divine revelation

In a mythological sense, angels are mystical and spiritual creatures that serve as bridges between humanity and God. 

In Western, monotheistic religions, angels play an important because God is seen as distant and uninvolved, but still very interested in the affairs of humans. Thus, angels are divine manifestations that carry out God’s will.

In recent times angelic figures have made a comeback in popular culture, so they are again seen as messengers of divine enlightenment.

Angels are frequently pictured as carrying God’s messages to mortals or manifesting God’s will in other ways. A good example of this is the angel Gabriel appearing in a dream to Joseph and asking him not to abandon Mary and instead take her as his wife. Joseph was convinced by this dream not to break up with Mary.

Angels most often communicate with humans through dreams while they are asleep, but from time to time may deliver their messages during the day.

It is however possible that angels in dreams function as a premonition, especially as ‘angels of death’. 

Dreams are often described as being clairvoyant (meaning ‘clear-sighted’) and contain deep, subconscious intuitions, even though they rarely truly predict what the future holds. 

Often, dreams with angels warn the dreamer about the likely consequences of persisting in certain habits of behavior or actions.

Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, angels carry a particular importance in people’s subconscious, so when they appear in a dream they carry great meaning so record your dream and carefully consider big and small details but also its implications.

Angels as symbols of the good (or bad) within us

Angels typically intervene during times of great need, or for the purpose of delivering a message of guidance or instruction from God to human beings. 

Thus, angels in dreams often represent a divine, higher self-image of you that offers guidance from within. Equally however, the being you’ve dreamt of might be a fallen angel, one whose evil powers and intentions can lead other people astray.

To properly understand the dream, separating the ‘higher-self’ from the angelic form is crucial. Generally, angels are genderless and represent purity and an existence free of sin. 

Dreams containing the image of a ‘dark’ angel usually indicate some kind of spiritual wrongdoing that may have already occurred. The ‘dark’ angel who has committed this wrong doing could be yourself, or another person you know.

Angels as symbols of seeking love, peace and harmony

To dream of an angel may symbolize a wish to achieve internal harmony, create an emotional connection, or be offered guidance in some way.

As such, dreams of angels often mean that you are in the middle of a revelation, where you have to decide if your current beliefs are fit for the future or if you should adopt new ones.

In his role as messenger, the angel can help you gain new insights and guide you in the search for the right path.

Angels, similar to other spiritual beings such as demons or fairies, can manifest themselves as either blessings or warnings. 

Angels often symbolize a part of yourself that shows great potential to flower and achieve happiness, but if neglected or scorned, can greatly harm your personal self-growth.

Do you find the presence of the angel disturbing and sinister? If so, try to see it as something within yourself that will explode and sow chaos in your life if you do not acknowledge and allow it to be expressed.

Alternatively, a dream about an angel could indicate that you are searching for unconditional love and support in your waking life, and that the dream is urging you to find them within yourself.

As a dream symbol angels may attempt to focus the dreamer’s attention on his own divine qualities and the aspects of the dreamer’s life that provide love, care and security.

This interpretation of angels as harmony seekers also depends on whether or not you are the angel.

For example, dreaming you are an angel suggests you will receive love and friendship. However, if you are surrounded by angels you can expect to find inner peace and satisfaction.

Angels as symbols of good luck

Dreaming of an angel is generally a very favourable sign, one that signifies good luck and shows your strength of character. You are, in a sense, receiving “help from above” that only worthy people deserve.

Angels in dreams might also indicate that other people respect you more or that you will have success in love, peace and well-being. 

If you see yourself in the midst of many angels you can look forward to a happy life with many friends you can trust.

In the same way, to dream that an angel is flying over you or your house suggests joy, consolation, blessings, and good news, as well as authority and honor.

However, while dreaming of angels is generally always a positive sign, to dream that you speak or call to one carries evil signification and an omen of bad luck.

However, if the angel speaks to you of its own accord, and in a language you do not understand, it might be a sign that you have met (or are about to meet) a person of the highest quality.

Less frequent interpretations of angels in dreams

The interpretations below are not as common as the ones above, and were likely caused by the beliefs of particular people. Nevertheless, they are a valid explanation for angels appearing in dreams, at least in some cases:

  • The positive side of a relationship with your mother.
  • Religious concepts.
  • Feelings about death.
  • A desire to have a parental figure of sorts, that can guide or instruct in decision making.
  • After a birth or death in your family, or in your close circle of friends. An example might be seeing a friend as an angel in a car crash dream.

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