About Us

Hello there, good to have you with us! Atlas Mythica is a small history project designed to answer obscure questions about history, mythology, religion and culture that are not sufficiently answered on the mainstream websites of the Internet.

As much as possible, we base our answers on primary sources. In the case of mythology and religion, primary sources are usually the foundational texts for that particular faith. For example, the Bible for Christianity, the Quran for Islam, or the Poetic and Prose Edda for Norse pagan beliefs. For historical questions, primary sources are usually specific texts such as letters between famous individuals, ancient laws, tablet writings, etc.

Whenever the primary sources are insufficient to provide an answer, we rely on secondary sources to at least give a ballpark estimate of what the historical, religious, or mythological truth might have been.

Finally, at the end of each article, you can find the resources and references used for each article.

We hope you enjoy the reads and find our answers illuminating!

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